Does It Work? Product Testing

Does it Work? Product Testing

There are a lot of products that are sold on TV, and I often find myself wondering if they actually work. Don’t you? Well, thanks to the news team at KRBC, we can find out with their “Does it Work”? section. They test the products and let you know how they really work.

Not only do they review “As Seen on TV” items, they also test things you can find in your local grocery store like Glad Wrap Press ‘n Seal, which I could not live without. We’ll start our exploration of this site on the archive page. It will be easier to surf through the entire site this way, plus you can see the newest editions to each section here.

Everything is neatly divided into these categories for your easy exploration: Automotive Care, Cleaning Products, Cooking Helpers, Electronics, Garden Hardware, General Products, Household Products and Personal Care.

Automotive Care – Here you will find reviews on Ding King, Fix a Flat and GS 27, just to name a few.

Cleaning Products – Here you will find reviews on products like Easy Off Microwave Wipes, Power Paste, Greased Lightning and Zap.

Cooking Helpers – From knives to cookware to kitchen gadgets, you’ll find it here. Find out if they really work.

Electronics – See what they have to say about the Universal Ink Jet Refill Kit, the CellPod and the EZ CD Scratch Remover. Plus, read reviews on several other products that are supposed to make your life easier, but do they?

There are a lot of great product reviews waiting for you at this site. Find out if it really works before you even think about buying.

~ Amanda

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