Flipping For Science

Flipping For Science

Meet FLIP the world’s strangest research lab. FLIP stands for Floating Instrument Platform.

To start learning about FLIP you should start in the section called Meet FLIP. There you can learn all about FLIP from how big it is and even see how it flips!

In How FLIP Works we learn all about how people live and work and what FLIP does. I found myself really curious as to how people could live and work on a station that flips, I was really happy that they answered this question, it’s still hard to imagine though. Definitely check this section out.

Science on FLIP – this is where you find out what the scientists are studying on FLIP. With more than 40 years in the water gathering information, this is a really interesting section.

FLIP in a Bucket – check out how FLIP works yourself with this section. You can set up an experiment right in your own home.

And last but not least A FLIP Gallery. Here you will find images of FLIP and its crew.

This is one of the most interesting research centers I’ve heard of in a long time. Be sure you check out all the great animations and videos as they really make the site.


~ Amanda

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