Making of a Brick

Making of a Brick

I’m not talking about bricks that you use to build houses, but I’m talking about Legos! You need to have Macromedia Flash installed to view this presentation, and believe me, it is well worth it. Learn how Legos are made from start to finish. It’s rather fascinating.

To get started, click the blue arrow button. This will take you to the next screen and stage one. Click on the floating numbers in the picture to see what the steps entail. This gives you actual video footage of the Legos journey from plastic granules to bricks.

Use the blue arrows to continue forward through the site. I found each step of the factory really neat. I found myself surprised by how automated it was. Each step is explained with an understandable description of what is going on in that process.

My favorite sections were Transport and Decorating, where you learn how the Legos are decorated and transported around the factory via, what I consider, little robots. Then you learn how they get placed into sets, checked for machine faults and inspected for quality before getting shipped out to toy stores around the world.

For all Lego fans out there, this site is definitely an adventure. It’s also a great way to show your kids how one of their favorite toys are made.

~ Amanda

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