The Magic of F2 in MS Word

The Magic of F2 in MS Word

When you go to move text in Word, what do you do?

Highlight the text to be moved, then use the mouse to drag and drop it to a new location? Or, do you highlight the text then use the cut / paste options?

Either way, it’s a lot of steps and for many people it involves removing your hands from the keyboard to use the mouse.

Well, for those of you who are always looking for a way to do it “mouse-less,” here’s a trick for moving your text without leaving the keyboard.

You still need to highlight the text to be moved. (If you’re looking to reduce mouse use, then be sure to use the Shift key in combination with others to complete your highlighting).

Now hit the F2 key.

At this point, you’re ready to tell Word where to put your selection. Simply use the arrow keys or Page Up / Page Down to move the cursor to the new location. (If you change your mind,hit the Esc key and the F2 effect will be removed).

When you’ve found the correct spot hit the Enter key.


Selection moved—no mouse required.

~ April

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