Turkey Jokes

Turkey Jokes

These are great jokes to tell your kids. You’ll find there are about 20 jokes on the site. Just scroll down the page to view them all.

On this site you will also find The History of Thanksgiving, where you can read the Story of Thanksgiving and check out some great links about the Proclamations of Thanksgiving by George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, as well First-Hand Accounts of the First Thanksgiving.

Online Recipes are geared toward the perfect traditional holiday meal. From side dishes to dessert and even the turkey itself, you’ll find great recipes here. They don’t leave out the option of Vegetarian Thanksgiving and what you can do with all those leftovers!

The Kids Page area is just for kids and all about Thanksgiving with some great clip art to boot. Your kids will find poems, games, and a whole lot more here.

Looking for some craft ideas? Well make sure you check out Holiday Crafts where you can learn to make puffy pumpkins and Styrofoam scarecrow. Both ideas are easily embellished upon.

Have a Happy Holiday! Gobble, Gobble!


~ Amanda

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