Beans Around the World

Beans Around the World

It is amazing when things that started in good humor really take off and become something of a phenomenon. That is exactly what you are getting here at Beans Around the World.

To find out how this all got started, check out the section Why Beans? The Untold Story on the side menu explains how it all started from the beginning to the present. If I’d have worked at that office, the beans would have been thrown away long before they started smelling, but alas, all is well that ends…err, continues well.

The Newest Shots – shows you just that – the latest photos of the beans from all over the world. And I do mean ALL over the world.

Where Else Have They Been – well, this is where you can see the archived pictures of where the beans have been. I was AMAZED at how many photos there were. These beans really get around.

How to Play Along – is your city, state or country not represented? Well, never fear! You too can join in all the bean fun. Just follow the rules for photographing the beans and submitting your photo. This section is followed by the “Download a Label” section, which you may need if you can’t find the S & W brand beans.

The BATW Ambassadors – this section is dedicated to those of you out there who have submitted to and were accepted by Beans Around the World. This includes the cast of Trading Spaces and Orange County Choppers.

So this site is a lot of good fun that just kind of puts a smile on your face when you think of all the silliness that goes along with Beans Around the World. I love this site! It cheered me right out of a blue funk.

~ Amanda

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