Quick Paragraph Relocation in MS Word

Quick Paragraph Relocation In MS Word

Do you sometimes find yourself highlighting entire paragraphs in a Word document for relocation?

(Keep in mind that anytime you hit the Enter key you’ve finished a paragraph and are creating a new one, so as we discussed yesterday, just keep in mind that “paragraphs” in Word could be as small as a single word in a bulleted list).

What do you do?

I bet I know! You first highlight the entire paragraph, then you have to use the mouse to grab and hold the paragraph and—still using the mouse—you run the pointer up and down the document to find the “right place” to drop the paragraph.

Then when you need to move something else you start the process all over again, right?


That’s a lot of repetition.

Here’s a mouseless, three key solution to the situation that you’ve just got to love.

Next time you need to move an entire paragraph, try this little trick.

Put your cursor in the paragraph to be moved.

Now hold down the Alt + Shift keys.

(Here’s the move! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it).

Press the up or down arrow, whichever direction you need to move your paragraph.

That’s it!

Each time you press an arrow (while still holding Alt + Shift) your paragraph is moved one paragraph up or down.

To move something a long way, simply hold down the arrow and watch it go.

For those of you who are already asking what makes this so different from last Friday’s F2 trick, the answer is in the highlighting and in the amount of text it moves. First, the F2 trick moved only the highlighted text. This tip never even instructed you to highlight! And, along with the no highlighting thing, did you notice that you didn’t have the select the whole paragraph to make the move? Word automatically grabs the whole thing and takes it along for the ride. (Cool)!

Way easier than any other paragraph moving trick I’ve ever used!

~ April

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