Fly Lady

Fly Lady

Do you have a lot of clutter in your house? Did your home just sort of get away from you? Well I know mine has. There is almost no useable storage. The closets are all tiny and there is nowhere to really put anything.

By joining Fly Lady – which is free – you’ll start on a step by step journey to reclaim your house from the clutter within it, as well as, keep a really shiny sink! To join, head over to the Flying Lessons link were you will see “Join FlyLady.”

This site is all about teaching you baby steps to get your life organized. It teaches us to stop listening to the perfectionist side of ourselves that wants everything done now and done right. It didn’t take just one day for your house to get away from you, even though it may feel like it happened overnight.

Some of my favorite sections are Kelly’s Mission, which you will find in the FLY zones section. This is where you can find, what I would describe as, a weekly mission. When I was there, it was to work on the bedroom. The Table of Contents is also a great section. It really helped me navigate around this site and stay on track.

Food for Thought is an awesome section filled with ideas on menu planning and it even has recipes for you to try. It also has some for your slow cooker.

The FLY FAQ – this is a good section to take a look at. I love checking out the frequently asked questions, because this is where you can access information about what people are generally confused about. Who knows, they might be confused about the same things you are, so it’s an easy way to get info quick!

Now, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think Fly Lady’s method to declutter your life will work for you or not. But, you know, even if this way is too much for you, you can definitely pick up little tips. A shiny sink really does make you feel proud!

~ Amanda

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