Back to the Original

Back to the Original

Do you use graphics or word art frequently in MS Word?

How many times have you been dismayed to find that you’ve resized an item so many times that it’s looking a bit squashed or stretched, or just plain wrong? I know I’ve hit this point and wished for nothing more than to have the chance to start over.

I’ve tried the Undo feature but usually I’ve made so many changes that it’s not a speedy process. Or, even worse, I’ve made other changes to the document between my resizing and only want to change the graphic back – not the rest of the document.

I’ve also been known to delete the picture altogether and start over. But, that’s a bit of a pain too.

What if I said that I have a quick double click method that will restore a graphic to its original size? Interested?

I knew you would be so here it is…

To restore a graphic to its original size, simply hold down the Ctrl key and double-click on the graphic.

Yep! That’s it! You’ll find that your graphic immediately snaps back to its original size and you’re back in business.

~ April

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