3D Canvas

3D Canvas

I know that not too long ago, I ran a 3D rendering program that I thought was absolutely unbelievable. That was a program by the name of Blender. Blender is an Open Source, which of course means that it’s free to the public, and does a good job of allowing the user to create objects in 3D. My only concern was that the interface wasn’t the most intuitive as some would like, which could be a little overwhelming to a first timer. I overlooked this issue with the Blender, simply because it was such an awesome program, and I didn’t even think there was an easy way to learn 3D basics.

Are you one of those who tried Blender and found yourself in maybe a bit over your head? Have you always wanted to try your hand at 3D rendering and just didn’t know where or how to start? 3D rendering and animation programs can cast you a healthy chunk of change for a program most of us would just use for playing around anyway. Well, if any of the above sounds like you, then today’s Download of the Week is right up your alley.

3D Canvas is a 3D rendering and animation program that is a free version of some of the more professional oriented counterparts. The purpose of 3D Canvas is to teach the casual user the basics of 3D rendering and animation. The program basically holds your hand and walks you through over 30 tutorials describing how to use the program. There’s no wondering where to start, you just follow the tutorials in order and you should feel comfortable with the interface and how to work with it. I ran through two of the tutorials in about 30 minutes and created a short animation of a Zeppelin looking something or other, and I had a blast.

In addition to getting familiar with the tools of the program, you also get used the feel of building and manipulating objects in a three dimensional environment. When you get comfortable with this, you can go on to more powerful 3D rendering software like Blender, or even the 3D Professional with a good grasp of the fundamentals.

Besides the easy to use interface, what really makes this program shine, is all the online tutorials, over 30 in all. It’s almost like a workbook for 3D Canvas. They start you off with the basics where you will build a model and animate it within minutes. The tutorials really take the sting out of learning a new program, especially one with the capacities such as 3D rendering.

There are other items of interest at the site as well, such as, already rendered objects, which include pre-rendered skeletal models. There is also texture downloads you can add to the program’s internal texture library. There are plug-ins for download, as well, to get extra functionality out of 3D Canvas and FAQs. There is also a forum at the site that they say is only for the two played versions of 3D Canvas, but I have seen some posts on there referring to this product.

If this sounds like something that you might enjoy, I highly recommend downloading it and giving it a try. You would be amazed at how easy 3D rendering is when you see it done.

Here are all the links you will need to get started with 3D Canvas:

3D Canvas Download Page

(Click the “click here” to download)

Free downloadable models and additional textures:

3D Canvas forums:






~Chad Stelnicki

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