The Mile Wall

This site is strangely fun. Travis Smith, a college student, had this idea to make an Internet page that would span one mile. To do this, he is selling space on the wall for a lifetime, for just one dollar. I’m not recommending that you pay him a dollar, but I am recommending that you check out this site. It is a fresh and unique concept.

Navigation is really easy. You just wait for the page to load and then use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll right and left along the wall. There are only 23 feet up right now but I still think it’s pretty cool. Some of the images are advertising (who could blame them at only a dollar for life), some are touching shout outs to loved ones, some are people expressing themselves, some are funny and some are darned neat to look at.

If you want to find out more about the site and get some more questions answered, check out the FAQ.

If you want to see what has recently been updated and the read about the latest in the site’s news, check out the Mile Wall News section.

If you like this, you can even send it on to a friend with the Tell a Friend link.

I hope that you can see past the advertising and some of the gimmicks to see the artistic expression on the site, as well as, the fact that the site is a really cool concept.

~ Amanda