Just Give it a Nudge

When working in MS PowerPoint, are you frequently frustrated when you try to move objects just a teensy little bit?

I mean, you’re only trying to nudge the text box or graphic up the smallest amount, but every time you try to drag and drop with the mouse, it’s just too far.

A solution for that predicament certainly would come in handy!

Fortunately I’ve got one that’s easy to use and remember.

First, select the object to be moved. (If it’s a text box, be sure that you have the text box itself selected and that the cursor isn’t inside the text box for editing).

Ready to move? Good! It goes quick, so pay attention!

Simply tap an arrow key to move the selected object 1/12 of an inch in any of the four directions.

Yep! That’s the whole thing.

With the object selected, one press of an arrow key and it moves just the smallest amount. Talk about fine tuning!

Have a large distance to cover?

Don’t worry! You can use this tip for that too.

Instead of a quick tap, hold down the arrow key. You’ll find that your object is zipping around the slide as though it had on running shoes!

~ April