Tiny URL

Do you like to share links with your friends and family? Don’t you hate it when you have a really long link that you would like to share, but it either doesn’t fit in your instant messenger’s screen or it breaks in your e-mail due to length? Well, now you never need to face that problem again.

Just copy the long link, paste it into the blank Make It Tiny box, then click the Make TinyURL button and you are off to a tiny URL.

And you know the really amazing thing is that this service is free. So whether you’re sharing direction from a map site (which do have really long urls) to sharing your personal Web site, you can make a tiny URL that will make sharing easier.

Everything that you need to know is right there on the front page, but if you’re feeling a little too tired to scroll down, you can click the links on the side menu and get to the same information. And yes sometimes, I’m too lazy to scroll down.

For Example: I put in the URL for my write up of the Longest List.


When I put it into the tinyURL maker I got:


It really is just that easy to use. And it never expires, so it will be there just as long as the page is on WorldStart, if not longer. This site is definitely worth adding to your bookmarks.


~ Amanda