Letter Case Mania

Letter Case Mania

Ever find that you’re constantly trying to change the capitalization of words or sentences? What do you do?

Maybe you highlight the word or phrase and retype it.

Maybe you’re the type who only replaces the individual letters that need to be changed. What a headache!

Are you the person who found the Change Case feature on the Format menu? You know, where you get the choices of sentence case, all lowercase letters, all uppercase letters, all title case letters or to toggle all letters between upper and lowercase.

What I have for you today are a few shortcuts for all of this change case stuff. It’s something even faster than the Change Case choice on the Format menu.

Let’s start with the most versatile choice.

Once you highlight the text to change, use Shift + F3. You’ll scroll between sentence case letters, all lowercase letters and all uppercase letters.

That’s good! Looks great, but what if you know you want all caps and don’t feel like toggling through your choices?

Is there a quicker way?

Yep, you bet. (Isn’t that why I brought it up in the first place)?

If you know you want your text all caps, simply try Ctrl + Shift + A.

And… if that weren’t enough, there’s another option altogether. You can use small caps. That is all the letters in capital letter formation, but slightly smaller than the usual capital letter.

Ctrl + Shift + K will put you straight to small caps, which is a good “attention getter” without completely shouting at the reader.

That’s it! Three keys and you’re on your way to the formatting you need.

~ April

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