Quick Clicks to Add a New Contact

Quick Clicks to Add a New Contact

Is MS Outlook your preferred e-mail program? Do you dread all the typing involved in adding addresses in your address book?

What would you say if you could have Outlook do all that typing for you? Sounds like a good plan to me!

You think so too? I’m so glad to hear it because you’re in luck. With a couple of quick clicks, that’s exactly what Outlook will do for you.

Here’s the scoop.

First you need to open an e-mail from the contact you’re looking to add to your contacts list.

Now right-click on the address to add (it’s located in the header of the e-mail).

From the menu, select Add to Contacts.

Poof! A new contact window will open with the e-mail address already entered.

Simply add any additional information you’ll need and click Save and Close.

You’ve just got to love the results for such minimal effort!

~ April

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