Julian Beever

Julian Beever

So you’re probably wondering what this site is about since the title is pretty inconclusive. Well, it’s about art. Julian Beever is an artist who makes pavement drawings, wall murals and fine art paintings.

Navigation is simple. Just click the links in the middle area of the page.

Pavement Drawings – here you will find renderings of old masters, obituary portraits, and 3D illusions done on pavement, as well as some miscellaneous drawings thrown in for fun. It is amazing what this man can do with streets and sidewalks. The illusions were really my favorite. I keep asking myself how he did it.

Wall Murals – here you will find two lovely wall murals, that were commissioned by a company in Brussels, to illustrate music areas. My favorite is the second one, because it’s classic and sort of haunting.

Fine Art Paintings – I feel that most people either love oil paintings or hate them, and that it depends on the artist. I enjoyed several of these pieces. My favorite two are the first two in the bottom row. You’ll also find two collages in this section, which while I didn’t like them, you can really see the effort that went into them, and for that, I respect his talent.

This site is a jaunt into some amazing artwork that just brightened up my day! Enjoy!


~ Amanda

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