Preserve Formatting in MS Word

Do you find that you’re frequently disappointed with your copy / paste actions in MS Word? I mean, you just spent all kinds of time beautifully formatting the text only to find that it was stripped of its formatting when pasted?

If you’re using an older version of Word, you probably feel this frustration far more often than you’d like. (Word XP doesn’t behave this way, so many of you have already “fixed” this problem permanently).

For the rest of you, are you looking for a good, quick and clean way to keep the formatting through the copy / paste process? (You know, something that doesn’t require headache medicine when you’re done?)

I’m sure some of you have used the Format Painter option, (a good one I use regularly) but here’s one that might be even easier.

Next time you’re highlighting for a text move or copy in Word, be sure to highlight the paragraph mark too.

It’s mostly invisible, but believe me it’s there. Word inserts one every time you hit the Enter key. So, be sure to highlight the space at the end of the paragraph, not just the actual text. (To see the paragraph mark and other unseen characters, hit the Show/Hide button on the Standard toolbar).

Then proceed with your copy / cut, then paste as usual. You should find that the text formatting cooperates so much better this time with no medication needed.

~ April