South African History Online

South African History Online

To start your journey here, click the red arrow labeled Enter. You may notice that the next page you see is filled with things for you to check out. In the middle column, you’ll find the This Week in History section, which features news from this week, letting you read about what’s going on in South Africa right now. The red columns on either side of this give you links to the latest of the following categories: (which you can find at the tabs on the top of the page as well) People, Places, Arts & Culture, Features, Chronology, Classroom, Resources and Search.

People – here you will learn all about the people who have been a part of South Africa’s history. This page is set up similarly to the main page with three columns. In column one, you’ll find people who are listed due to standing out in a particular field. In column two, you’ll learn about the featured person. And in the third column, you can read about various personalities who have had an impact on South Africa.

Places – this is where you can learn about the land that is South Africa. Different cities are highlighted and there is also a link to an interactive map. My favorite part of this section is found at the top of the third column. It is a virtual visit to South Africa through post cards. It is a lot of fun. Just choose the region you want to look at through the postcards Cape, Free State, Natal and Transvaal. This will bring up a listing of cities you can choose from and then in a pop-up window, you’ll be able to browse through the postcards without losing your place on the main site.

Arts & Culture – there is a lot going on in the Art and Culture scene in South Africa. From being a fashion hotspot to having a huge amount of artists, you’ll find a lot to explore here. In the middle column, you’ll find their featured exhibition. I wonder how often this spot changes.

Features – I love this area because there are so many gems to learn about. This is also where you can find links to all of the new content on the site, all in one place.

Chronology – this is the history of South Africa laid out before you in time periods. There is a lot to explore here, but it is laid out chronologically, so it is very easy to surf around this section.

Classroom – this section is for both teachers and students. It is dedicated to making it easier for both to find and really make use of the information provided on the site. With lots of lessons and great ways to apply them in the classroom, this section is great for teachers. With a lot of resources and information, it’s also excellent for students.

Resources – this section is interesting. Here you can find resources to use, as well as, where the information on the site came from. From state documents, letters, interviews, pictures and even a handy “How To” section, you’ll find a lot compacted into this section.

Search – this section opens in a new window and uses the Google engine to search the site. So, if you have something you want to look up, head here.

A very thorough history site, if I do say so myself. I hope you learn a lot. I sure did.

~ Amanda

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