Now, What Was That Key Combination Again?

Now, What Was That Key Combination Again?

Ever find yourself trying to remember the key combination for something in one of the menus or toolbar buttons?

Wish you had a quick way to get the program to give you what you’re looking for? (You know, something that doesn’t involve long book searches or keywords).

Well, you’re in luck.

First of all, the menus already display the assigned keyboard shortcuts to the right of the menu item name. Take a look, you may not have noticed them before, but they’re there.

Now, what about the buttons you use frequently?

You could use a reference book, online help or some other source of information. Or, you could have the program display the shortcut right with the name of the button. (That’d be a lot faster!)

Sound like a good idea?

Yeah, I thought so too.

So, here’s the trick to having the program do all the reference work for you.

You need to go to the Customize window (Tools menu, Customize choice or right-click on any toolbar and choose Customize from the menu).

On the Option tab, check the choices regarding Show ScreenTips on toolbars and Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips.

Now click Close.

That’s it! Simply place the mouse pointer over a button and wait a second. The name of the button and any key combination assigned will be displayed.

Cool! Instant reference and you don’t even have to come up with a keyword to search it out!

~ April

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