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Foodie View

When you’re cooking, do you ever feel like you’ve slipped into a rut? I know I sure do. It seems like I make meatloaf, taco bake, chicken pesto and pasta, chicken and corn and potato casserole every week. I’m really dying to get out of my cooking rut, so I went hunting for a good recipe search engine. I found Food View and it met all my needs.

I can search by ingredient, dishes, chefs, cuisine and so much more with the handy search engine on the very front page. Or if I really want to give it some more thought, I can use the links on the side menu. On the side menu you’ll find:

Browse by Category – I found this section helpful when I just wanted to browse around with nothing particular in mind or when I had too many ideas to narrow it down.

Recipe Box – with a free registration, you can have your very own recipe box on this site. This means that if you really like a recipe, you can add it to your recipe box and then you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching the site for it at a later date. At the top of the recipes you search, you should see an Add to Recipe Box button. Just click it and you can find it in your recipe box.

Product Reviews – I admit that I am very leery of buying cookbooks. I’m not even sure about the ones my mother owns, that I know are tried and true recipes I like and with the Internet, there is such easy access to all the recipes my heart desires, so I just can’t see plopping money down for one. But, if you do like to own cookbooks, or like me, are slightly curious about them, you can hit this section and get great reviews on cookbooks from people who have bought them.

Restaurants – this is an experimental section that is only really good for those of you living in the San Diego area. It uses the Google Map to highlight the best restaurants around town.

FoodieView Blog – this section includes great articles like how to eat chocolate! I just couldn’t get enough of this blog.

This is a site to bookmark especially if you are really going to use the recipe box. You can keep coming back for recipes as often as you like to add a little zest to your cooking routine.

~ Amanda

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