Black History Month

In America, February is Black History Month, where we celebrate all the marvelous contributions that have been made to our society by African Americans. Being American, I like to highlight this month, as there have been some great contributions to history.

In the News – this is a section about those who’ve hit it big in the news. You’ll find some news from 2005 and 2004. Whether it’s an athlete, an artist or a politician, you can bet if they made the news, you can find something about it here.

Groundbreakers – here you will find information on African Americans who have broken ground in different areas, or as the site puts it, more soundly, “The following individuals are the first black Americans to realize particular achievements in their fields. With talent and determination, they have reinvented not only what it means to be an African American, but what it means to be an American. ”From politics to artists and entertainers, to millionaires, you’ll find some really amazing people listed here.

Heroes – here you will find a listing of Heroes to the Civil Rights movement. From the famous (Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.) to the less well known (Medgar Evers and Phillip A. Randolph). Learn more about these people who dedicated their lives to the Civil Rights movement.

History – here you can read a brief summary of the history of the Civil Rights movement. From the beginning of Slave Trade here in America to the Emancipation Proclamation to Equal Rights Legislation, you’ll learn a lot from just a little reading.

Photo Gallery – you can see a handful of photographs here in this section. I have to confess, I was a little disappointed by the limited amount of photos. I wanted there to be a bunch and there were just a few. Maybe they will add more next year!

Here you can also find a TV listing (if you have the biography channel, you may want to check it out) and a section called Discussions, which is a forum devoted to Black History Month.

~ Amanda