Where Did It All Go?

If you’re using a new version of the MS Office Suite, you’ve probably noticed that your menus seem to be a little short. In addition, it seems that they only display items you’ve recently used. Good observation!

Ever wonder about that?

I mean, where did it all go?

The answer is nowhere. It’s all there, you just have to display it.

One way to display all of the items is to click on (or, if you’re patient, hover over) the double arrow located at the bottom of the menu.

Another way to see them all is to double click on the menu name.

Click, click and all menu items are displayed.

The troubling thing is that I find many users don’t memorize a multitude of key combinations to get the job done. In fact, I find that many people seem to scan the menus to find what they’re looking for.

Let’s face it, scanning the menus gets to be even more of a pain when it takes all the extra clicking to see everything.

So, in response to this dilemma, here’s how to turn off the shortened menus. In other words, see it all on the first click, not the second.

You’ll need to get to the Customize window. (Tools menu, Customize choice or Alt, T then C or right click on any toolbar and choose Customize from the bottom of the list).

Now, you’re looking for the Options tab.

On this tab, uncheck the “Menus show recently used command first” checkbox or check the “Always show full menus” choice. (It depends upon the program version you’re using as to which situation you’ll run into).

Click Close.

And that’s it! If you scan your menus now, you’ll find that you see everything with just one quick click.

~ April