Do you often use Google, Yahoo! or some other search engine to search the Internet? Well, here’s a tip that may make your searching just a little bit easier.

Search engines have different categories available for you to use to help simplify your search. For example, Google offers Web, Images, Groups, News and Local (where you can look for nearest locations of hotels or restaurants, etc). Now, Yahoo! is a little different. They offer search categories of Web, Images, Video, Audio, Directory, Local, News and Shopping. Whichever search engine you use may have different options, but they all allow you to increase your search results. What’s not to like about that?

So, if you’re looking for a cool picture to put up as your desktop’s wallpaper, try searching under Images. Your search will come up with many more choices than if you would search for it under the Web category. And if you’re looking to find an article about a certain news story, search under News and your results may be much more pleasing.

Happy searching!

~ Erin