DC Flyby

This site is so cool. I always wanted to visit Washington D.C. when I was in school and never had the opportunity. I haven’t had the opportunity since then either. Maybe I’ll go with my mom and her school this year.

But until I can get there, I have this site which is very awesome. You can get a bird’s eye tour of D.C. Use the red arrows to move the screen up and down, or from side to side. There is a mini-map in the bottom corner of the map, which shows you where you are zoomed in at.

To explore the sites surrounding D.C., just click on the blue icons on the buildings themselves. This will bring up a pop-up window full of information about the location you’ve clicked on and what goes on there.

For example, in the bottom left hand corner (the west side of the map), you will find the Lincoln Memorial. Click on the building and up pops the information window. In the information window, you’ll find four sections: About, Info, Nearby and Pictures.

You can do this on many areas of the map and learn all about them. You can even read about how much it costs to visit or tour there, as well as what is nearby there and how to get there.

I’m ready for my bird’s eye tour, are you?


~ Amanda