Password Protected

Is your computer password protected? Have you ever wanted to lockdown your desktop with a password that only you or your family members know, just in case? Well, here’s a short guide to help you do so.

In Windows XP, go to Start, Control Panel and click on User Accounts. Next, you’re going to click on Change an Account, because you’re modifying the account you have already created. Choose the account you want to change and then click on Change my password. The next screen that comes up will have you choose a password and retype it as well. It has you retype it as a security protector so your PC knows, for sure, that’s the password you want. The next line has you put in some sort of a reminder as to what your password is. Keep in mind that your password hint is visible to anyone who uses your computer.

That’s all you have to do! So, if you ever feel like changing that password in the future, you can follow these directions again to do that. You might notice that while you’re creating your password, you can also do stuff like change the name your PC is under, change your icon picture or even remove the password, if you ever decide to do that.

For all other users, go to Start, Control Panel and search for the password settings where you will be able to change your Windows password as well.

~ Erin

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