The Seven Wonders: Other Monuments

The Seven Wonders: Other Monuments

Most of the Seven Wonders of the world are lost to us now, with the Pyramid of Giza being the only one left standing. The others were ravaged by nature, time and even man. There are people out there who believe that new wonders should be chosen to replace those that have long since disappeared.

While I don’t think we should forget them, they are due their place in history; I am for revamping the list for a more modern compilation of wonders. We live in a world filled with marvels. Why shouldn’t we honor them in the same way we did the originals by placing them on a list of wonders (not dishonor them by stealing from them and destroying them?)

Here you will not only find the original seven wonders, (if you scroll down, you can find them going across the bottom of the page) but also Forgotten Wonders, Modern Wonders and Natural Wonders.

Forgotten Wonders – here you will find information and images of the forgotten wonders of the world. On this list, you’ll find the Taj Mahal, the Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu and many more.

Modern Wonders – same deal here. You get information and images of modern wonders of the world. On this list, you’ll find the Statue of Liberty, the Channel Tunnel, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House, just to name a few.

Natural Wonders – here you get images and information on natural wonders, meaning places of natures that hold great beauty. You’ll find Angel Falls, Mount Everest, the Great Barrier Reef and many more. This was my favorite section. I’m all for ruins and temples and modern marvels, but give me a beautiful slice of nature any day.

This site is quite a journey from past to present. I hope you’ll enjoy delving into these wonders as much as I did.

~ Amanda

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