Create a New Account in XP

Can you please tell me how to create a new account for my computer under XP? I want to make a separate account just for my children to use.

User Accounts are very important for the operation of Windows XP. They allow certain users to access authorized files and prohibit others from using the important files. They are important, even if you don’t share a computer with another user.

The first time you started Windows XP, you created a user account. This account was given administrative privileges. These privileges allow you to add, modify and delete users, as well as, modify your files and other users’ files. Today we will create a “limited user” or a basic user account for your computer. This account could be used for your children, roommates or co-workers.

First, we need to access the Control Panel. Click Start, Control Panel.

The Control Panel will appear. Click User Accounts on the right side of the window.

The User Accounts window will appear. Click Create a New Account.

The New Account Wizard will ask you to name the account. If your children are using this account, then you could name it “Children.” The new step of the wizard will ask for the account type.

The computer administrator is allowed to create and modify users and all users’ files. The Limited User may only modify his/her files. Usually you will want to create a Limited User Account so click Limited User. Then click Create Account.

Your account is now created and the user can log into your computer. From the User Account window, the user can change his/her password, picture and username if they want to.

Another thing to keep in mind is If you ever need to take your computer to a computer repair shop, make sure you create a “limited user” account for the repair staff to use. This will allow them to fix your computer, but will prevent them from accessing your personal files. Never allow a computer repair person to use the computer administrator account unless you will be watching them the whole time.

~Jack William

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