The Page Setup Express

The Page Setup Express

When using MS Word, do you like a display that includes the rulers (View menu, Rulers choice?) I know I do. I need to see them as I work. The convenience of tab stops and margins constantly displayed in such a small space is something I just can’t do without.

Well, it turns out that the rulers I’ve been looking at had a secret they were hiding. They’re my quick ticket to the Page Setup window. No menus, no key combinations to remember, just a quick double click and I’m right there in the Page Setup window.

Yep, that’s right. That’s all there is to it. A double click on one of the rulers, even in the unused area beyond the actual ruler, will instantly pop open the Page Setup window. It’s as fast as having an actual button designated to take you there.

I must mention that you do need to remember that a single click on the bottom half of the horizontal ruler will insert a tab stop. To avoid tab stops you’re not looking to create, due to slow double clicking, either use the top half of the horizontal ruler, the unused portions beyond the horizontal ruler or use the vertical ruler for this tip.

Other than that, this double click trick seems to be an express train straight to Page Setup.

~ April

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