Quick Click to Customize

Quick Click Into Customize

Okay, so yesterday we found the Page Setup window with just a quick double click. This prompted me to start double clicking elsewhere on my program window to see what I could find.

Happily, I found yet another stop on the express train. This time we’re looking at a fast and easy way into the Customize window and this one doesn’t require you to add a single button to your toolbars!

Now, I tend to stack the toolbars that are visible in my MS Office program windows. I like to see all the buttons available. This preference means that setting them side-by-side doesn’t work well since the program hides buttons as it tries to make everything fit onto a single line.

The result of the stacked toolbars is a lot of free space on the right side.

It’s here, in the free space, that I double clicked and found today’s tip.

All you need to do is double click in the unused space next to a toolbar and the Customize window will instantly pop open!

I got this one to work in MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Access and Excel. Basically, it worked across the board giving you maximum effect with minimum memorization.

~ April

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