Delete Favorites

Take a second to look through the list of your favorites that you have saved on your computer. How many do you have? Too many? Think you should maybe get rid of some of those? Yes, no, maybe so? Well, if you decide you should, here’s how you can clean up your space.

To delete any of the favorites you have saved in your list, simply highlight the one you’d like to discard, right click and select Delete. A box will come up asking if you’re sure you want to send it to the Recycle Bin and if you’re sure, click Yes.

That will take the unwanted file to the Recycle Bin. To complete the deletion, you can just go to your desktop, find the Recycle Bin icon, right click and select Empty Recycle Bin. That will remove it from your computer forever.

Proceed the same way until you have all of your favorites cleaned up to your liking!

~ Erin

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