The spirograph toy was one of my favorites growing up. I never had the joy of owning one and had to use the ones at my friend’s houses, but it was really one of my favorites. Relive your fond memories of spirograph with this site.

The way this applet works is that you modify the sliding bars on the side to whatever you want and this affects the picture that is displayed. What can you change? Well, just about everything. Here’s the list:

Fixed Circle’s Radius
Moving Circle’s Radius
Moving Circle Offset
Revolutions in Radian

The circle settings control what it looks like and the color settings control what color your spirograph is.

You then have some other options too. Like, whether you want a light or dark background, line or point and you can also click the random button to completely randomize the spirograph settings. If you scroll down the page, this is all described much better than how I’ve explained it.

You can even put this Spirograph outlet on your page. Just click the link below the applet.

I’ve spent way too much time here today. ? So be warned, it’s addictive. Alright everybody, go have some fun!


~ Amanda

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