It seems that every computer term has an acronym to go along with it and half the time, I have no idea what it means. Can you help by giving me some examples?

Sure, that’s no problem. There are tons of terms that usually only go by certain letters and it can be hard to keep them all straight. There are obviously too many to put into one tip, so below is a list of some of the more common used acronyms, along with their real meanings.

ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment

ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BIOS – Basic Input/Output System

BMP – Bitmap

CD – Compact Disc

CGI – Common Gateway Interface

CPU – Central Processing Unit

DBMS – Database Management System

DLL – Dynamic Link Library

DNS – Domain Name System

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line

DVD – Digital Versatile Disc

FTP – File Transfer Protocol

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

LAN – Local Area Network

MPEG – Moving Picture Experts Group

P2P – Peer To Peer

POP3 – Post Office Protocol

RGB – Red Green Blue

TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

USB – Universal Serial Bus

WiFi – Wireless Fidelity

WWW – World Wide Web

Did you learn something? I sure hope so!

Now, these are obviously just the acronyms and if you’re not sure of the operation of each item, you can always do a quick search on our Web site at http://www.worldstart.com/tips/index.php. We’ve done several articles on some of these terms. Or, you can do a search on Google or Yahoo! to learn more about what each of them actually do.

~ Erin