Family Watchdog

Sadly the world is no longer a safe place to live and it pays to be on your guard to keep your family safe. At Family Watchdog, you can take another step to safety. This site tracks sex offenders and allows you to be notified as soon as one moves near you.

I live mostly on my own except for when my roommate is around, so I know that I have to take precautions to be safe. I also have to know that sometimes those precautions will fail, so I know I have to be really careful. You may get notices in the mail all the time about sex offenders who have moved into your neighborhood, but who can keep track off all those little flyers? I know I couldn’t, even if I tried.

So, how does this site work? Well, first you type in your address and click the Show Map button. By doing this, you agree to the site’s terms of service, which you can read beforehand by clicking the Terms of Service link above the address area.

Once you’ve entered your address, let the map load. Once that is done, you’ll notice the Map Legend on the side menu. This will tell you what all of those colorful boxes are for on your map. They break the offenders up by: Offense Against Children, Rape, Sexual Battery and Other Offenses. It also shows you the map center (your address) and local schools and playgrounds.

Now, across the top of the page, you’ll find menu tabs as well. Those sections are: Stay Safe, About Us, Feedback, News, Link to Us, Testimonials, Frequently Asked Questions and Subscriber Login.

Stay Safe – here you will find tips on keeping your children safe, as well as, teaching your children how to stay safe.

About Us – this is where you will learn about Family Watchdog, who runs it and why.

Feedback – here you can leave them feedback on their site.

News – here you can see who has critiqued this site before, as well as, what news programs it has been mentioned on.

Link to Us – this will give you the HTML you will need to link to the site from your own Web page.

Frequently Asked Questions – this is self explanatory. Here you will find some of the most common questions about the site answered for you.

Subscriber login – here you will be able to login, if you subscribe. There is a free subscription, as well as, a paid subscription. Remember, the map is free to use at any time.

I think this is most definitely one site worth adding to your favorites.

~ Amanda