Performance Options

Did you know that you can customize your settings, so your computer will run and look just the way you want it to? Well, you can and here’s how.

Click on Start>Control Panel and get to the Performance area. XP users need to click on Performance and Maintenance to get to this section. You’ll find this as it’s shown below in the Category View. If yours doesn’t look like this, the view can be changed in the upper left Control Panel section.

In the Performance and Maintenance dialog box, look for the link that says Adjust visual effects. Click on that and a box will pop up with the title of Performance Options.

In Windows 7, type adjust visual effects in the Start search and click on the Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows link.

The Performance Options dialog box, where all the adjustments are made, is virtually the same in XP and Windows 7.

Here you can select the settings you want to use for the appearance and performance of Windows. You can do everything from animate windows when minimizing and maximizing to show shadows under your menus to smooth the edges of the screen fonts. You can also choose to use a background image for each folder type you have and use visual styles on windows and buttons.

The options are endless, so go ahead and mix it up a little. You better get started on making your computer perform and look the way that pleases you the most and remember, have fun with it!

~ Erin

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