One Year on Mars

While the whole Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a neat site to visit, I fully recommend that you check the rest of it out. I want to focus on the One Year on Mars section.

Here you have three navigation options: Flash Feature, Release: Rover’s Adventures Continue and Rover Home Page.

Flash Feature – there are two ways to explore this section. You can either use the links at the top or you can click on the images on the page. You’ll find the sections Welcome, Trailblazers, Home Movies, Fact Book, Future and More Info here.

Trailblazers – here you can learn all about the explorers, Spirit and Opportunity, and their trip to Mars. You can click on the images or the red dots on the map to bring up information windows that are narrated by scientists. Don’t want to listen to the scientists or can’t because you are work? Don’t worry, you can always just read the transcripts. You can see the actual distance they traveled on the map and make sure you check out all of the great pictures they took.

Home Movies – here you can check out the videos that the rovers took, as well as, some extra movies of the teams that worked on the project, an animation of the landing and even one of kids building rovers.

Fact Book – here you will find interesting facts from this mission. Just click the images on the page and the facts will pop up on your screen. There is some really interesting stuff here. For example, the fact that there were 155 candidate landing spots for the rovers! That’s a lot of candidates to narrow it down from, don’t you think?

Future – here you can delve, not only into the future of Mars exploration, but you can also check out some of the past explorations as well. I was really interested in the next Mars mission, Phoenix, where they will dig trenches on Mars into the ice.

More Info – again you click the images to navigate here. Get the latest pictures, check out an area for teachers and students and so much more.

Release: Rover’s Adventure’s Continue – here you can find news of the Rover’s adventures on Mars. This is pretty darned neat, so don’t miss it!

Rover Home Page – there’s lots and lots to see and do in this section. Dive more deeply into the Rover mission here with photos, activities, up to date news and articles. I could go on and on about this section, but I won’t, so you can have the joy of discovering it for yourself.

~ Amanda