There’s a lot that goes into trying to stay on top of all the most recent security threats. Every day, there are new vulnerabilities, new patches, a new scam, a new Trojan, new virus or a rootkit, so it’s easy to keep busy with all of them. To make matters even more complicated, the viruses all have different strains that exploit systems in slightly different ways.

Well, F-Secure (a Swedish security company) offers what it calls F-Secure World Map. What this is exactly, is a real time rendering of Earth that displays a visual representation of virus activity. The World Map, almost like a weather map for viruses, has different zones and regions that are displayed in different shades of color to represent the different threat levels.

Navigation is possible through a series of tabs and links.

The World Map tab is found under the News & and Info tab. In the World Map, you can select continents by clicking the Globe drop down menu and selecting a continent. Once a continent is selected, you can choose a country. You can also select a point in time from the Period drop down menu.

If you would like to know more about a particular threat, F-Secure couldn’t have made it easier. Click on the Virus Encyclopedia tab and browse the links.

Under the Labs tab, in a section at the bottom of the page called Dealing With Threats, you’ll find Threat Removal instructions, a free Computer Security Health Check, and descriptions of Viruses and Vulnerabilities.

I think that this has obvious benefits for IT professionals, small business owners and home users. By keeping up with threats, you can better educate yourself on how to be protected against them. This information can also clue you in on vulnerabilities and patches that may be out there, not just for Microsoft products, but for all software.

You can find F-Secure’s World Map Web service here.

Until next week, stay safe out there.