Drag to a New Workbook

Do you find that you’re frequently copying worksheets from an established workbook into a brand new one?

All the copying and pasting can be quite tiresome, so how about a way to drag and drop those worksheets into a workbook of their own?

I just knew that you’d like that idea, so let’s move right to the “how to.”

First, to create a new workbook using the drag and drop method, you need to Restore the workbook. That means to change its size, so it’s no longer maximized.

You can accomplish this with either Ctrl + F5 or by clicking the Restore button for the workbook. (Be sure to use the Restore button for the workbook, not the one for the program at the very top).

Now, to remove the worksheet from its current workbook and create a brand new one, simply click and hold on the worksheet tab, then drag it into the gray space around the workbook.

When you release the mouse button, a new workbook containing the worksheet will be created.

Wait! I can just hear it now. What about creating a new workbook without removing it from the original workbook? Maybe create a new file with a copy of the worksheet?

That’s a good idea and I’m glad to report that this is simply a matter of one extra key.

To start a new workbook with a copy of an existing worksheet, simply hold down the Ctrl key, then click, hold and drag the worksheet tab into the gray area.

Instantly a new file is created containing your copy of the information, leaving the original file intact.

Sometimes it’s just amazing how much time a carefully placed drag and drop can really save you!

~ April