Gag Software

April Fool’s Day is almost upon us and I have been waiting awhile for this day to come around so I could run a couple of programs as free downloads. I have three little beauties for you guys today. These are programs that will have your coworkers or family members freaking out. They are three tiny gag programs that will frustrate anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving side of the gag.

Just imagine, you get back from lunch, sit down at your PC and go to launch a program from the Start button, but as the pointer approaches it, the Start button darts away. Not believing your eyes, you naturally go for it again and again, the Start Button just leaps away from your pointer. Imagine the frustration of the user. Now, imagine how funny this scene would be to watch out of the corner of your eye. The key is keeping a straight face.

This would be the work of Avoid. It is an annoying application that tells the Start button to “avoid” the mouse pointer. This, along with two other gag programs, is the work of RJL Software, a company that apparently has a pretty healthy sense of humor. So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to pull the wool over somebody’s eyes, I think you’ll like this week’s Download of the Week.

There are three programs that I thought would fit the bill of our readers. None of these are difficult to use, they are perfectly safe and are portable. You can also run two of them from the task scheduler to add to the effect. So, with no further delay, let’s bring out the line up that’s sure to make you some friends over the next couple of days.

This is the program discussed in the opening where the Start Button moves away form the mouse pointer. To stop the service from running, simply take the mouse pointer up to the upper most left corner of the screen and a RJL software window will come down, stopping Avoid.

Download Avoid Here

Fake Delete:
This one could cause a heart attack on the wrong person, so choose your victim wisely. This program will pop up a dialog box asking if you would like to delete the files on the C:\Windows folder (by default you can change this file). Regardless of your answer, the Fake Delete goes ahead with a very real looking folder delete complete with files in the recycle bin. This program can also be scheduled to run at a predetermined time, so it seems a little more realistic. After the delete, a splash screen comes up notifying the user that it was only a joke, but you can disable this feature if you would like.

Download Fake Delete Here

Anyone who’s ever used MS Word is familiar with Clippy, the always eager to help paper clip, that pops up in Word. Well, this is just like that, but let’s say that it’s Clippy’s not so helpful brother. This Clippy pops up all over the place. It doesn’t matter what you’re working on and the advice he gives is plain nonsense. An example of one of these tips would be “I noticed you have been using your mouse today.” This Clippy has almost two dozen messages in his library, but you can add your own, have them put in order and if you use a question mark in the message, Clippy will display a Yes/No clickable response.

Download Clippy Here

April Fool’s Day should be pretty interesting with a little downloading and sneaking around. If you do intend on using any of these programs, go out and read the FAQs . There are examples of some ways to use the gag software to get the best effect, as well as, things like how to stop the programs from running.

I hope you enjoy the programs. They are all of course 100 percent harmless to your system, so don’t worry about any damage actually occurring. Also keep in mind that these programs are portable and will run from a flash drive, which a perfect way to move the programs onto another PC.

Until next week, good hunting.

~ Chad Stelnicki