My Heritage

I know lots of you are simply gaga about genealogy and tracing your family trees. I hope that you will think this site is an awesome concept like I do. What is it? Well, they use face recognition technology and apply it to your personal family photos.

To get started, either click the Beta Center button or the Click here link. This takes you to the main page. The basics of how it works is all explained right on the main page.

The face recognition basically works like this: you upload your photo, the program recognizes the human face in the picture and starts searching for a match. This is explained in more depth in the How it Works section that you can find on the side menu.

Across the top of the page you will see a menu bar. On it, there are different sections: Home, Face Recognition, Genealogy, Community, Research, Support and About Us.

Home – this, of course, takes you back to the home page.

Face Recognition – this is the section I mentioned above. You just load right into it.

Genealogy – this section walks you through some great tips if you are just starting to delve into your history, as well as, tips for the more advanced genealogists out there. On the side menu, you’ll find a humor and download section. I loved the humor section. It was funny and cute, and there are even some great quotes on this page

Now to use this site and all of the nifty stuff, you need to register. Don’t worry, it’s free! Fill out the information (they do protect your real name and let you pick a nickname). Once you’ve filled it all out, click the register button. The system will then check to make sure that the nickname hasn’t already been used and it will register you. If your nickname was already taken, you’ll have to pick a new one or try adding numbers to what you chose.

Are you ready to take the leap into this project? I know I am!

~ Amanda