I’m tired of my screen saver. How do I turn it off?


So, you have a really cool screen saver picked out and you really love it, but maybe you only love it for a little while. Or, maybe you just really love your wallpaper even more. So, what should you do to solve this little dilemma? Do you have to leave your screen saver up so you have to look at it every time your computer goes into that “sleepy” mode?

No, you surely do not. If you would like to get rid of your screen saver at any time, go to your desktop and right click on any open area. Click on Properties (“Personalize”, if you’re using Vista) and then choose the Screen Saver tab. Now, clear at the top of the list of screen saver choices, there is one that says None. Click on that and click OK.


That will take away all of the settings you had set for your screen saver and your wallpaper will be shown all the time. Screen savers sometimes get boring and you may just want to look at your wallpaper all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Then in a few weeks or months, you may decide you want the screen saver back. If so, just follow the same directions and choose whichever one you want. It’s simple either way.

~ Erin