Poker Chip Tricks

I confess I’ve watched the World Poker Tournament and even the one with the celebrities playing poker together. I also really love to play Texas Hold ’em poker with my friends. So, I started wondering if there was any way I could learn to do some of the really cool things that they do with their poker chips. Lucky for me, I found this site.

You start out by default on the Home tab of this site. Go ahead and click the tab for the Tricks section now instead of hanging out on the home page. As you scroll down the Tricks page, you will see lots and lots of different tricks you can do with your poker chips.

What are some of the tricks you can learn? Well there’s a bunch. I’ll list some for you here.

Tricks – Mexican Jumping Chip, Bounce Back, Top Spin, Around the Clock, Finger Roll, Switch, Butterfly and that’s just some of them!

Since finding this site, I’ve learned that you have to practice to get these down. I’m terrible at them. But it’s a lot of fun to learn them and the Butterfly is definitely my favorite, even though it is down right hard!

I hope you learn them faster than I have. Each one is explained with photos and step by step instructions, so go and check it out!

~ Amanda