Firefox Smart Keywords

If you have made the switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox (which many people have), there is a quick way for you to reach the Web sites you would like to visit.

Firefox uses something called smart keywords and they are just special words that replace a bookmarked URL (a Web address). If you would like to give it a try, open up your Firefox browser and hit Ctrl + L. That will put the focus on the address bar, so you can start typing in your keywords.

Firefox has a few predefined smart keywords such as google (which opens up a Google search), dict (for a dictionary), quote (opens up a Google search with stock quotes), wp (for Wikipedia, another form of a dictionary) and slang (which opens up an urban slang dictionary). These are all keywords that will work automatically for you if you use the smart keyword feature.

Let’s give it a try. Go to Firefox and hit Ctrl + L, then type google in the address bar. The Google search Web site will open automatically for you. You can try that with all of the other examples I gave above!