How can I make my own smart keywords for my bookmarks in Firefox?

As promised, I will continue on with how you can make your own smart keywords in Firefox. In today’s Quick Tip, we went over how you can use the predefined keywords that Firefox already has set up, but you can use your own bookmarks (favorites) too.

There are actually two ways to make your own keywords, so we will go through both of them. The first one is a little more difficult, so keep that in mind as you go along with this tip.

Open up Firefox and click on the Bookmarks menu at the top. Choose Manage Bookmarks. There should be a folder titled Quick Searches, so go ahead right click on the that folder and select New Bookmark.

A box will pop up on your screen and you will need to enter some information about the Web site. You will want to enter a Name, a Location and a Keyword. For example, I made a new bookmark for WorldStart’s homepage. For the name, I went ahead and put my keyword in, which is ws and you need to put it in brackets just as a reminder. So, my Name says [ws] WorldStart. The location is http://www.worldstart.com (you have to make sure you have the complete Web address for your location) and then my keyword again is ws. Click OK when you’re done filling in your information.

So, you can make keywords for any Web site you like to go to. If you like to visit MSN, your information would be [msn] MSN for the Name, http://www.msn.com for the Location and msn for the Keyword. That is just one more example, but you can do use this tip for any site.

Now, for the second method of getting this job done. In Firefox, go on to any Web site that has a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, etc). When you get there, right click in the search box where you would normally type your search words and choose Add a Keyword for this Search.

A similar dialog box will appear and you will put in the same information as above. For example, Name will be [ws] WorldStart and the Keyword will be ws (if you’re doing one for WorldStart). Make sure you choose the Quick Searches folder from the drop down menu since that is where you started the whole process of creating this smart keyword.

So, there you have it. Those are the two ways you can make your own smart keywords if you use Firefox. It may take a little time, but once you get all of the Web sites you want in the Quick Searches folder, you will have much faster access to all of the sites you love to visit!

~ Erin