Changing the View, Not the Selection

I’m sure just about everyone has used the arrow keys in MS Excel to move through their worksheet.

But, sometimes you want to quickly zip out to another part of the worksheet to see something without moving the cell selection and losing your current place. What do you do then?

I’m betting that many of you take your hands off the keyboard, use the mouse to scroll out, take a look and then go back.

You’ll be happy to know that there’s a way to accomplish the “take a look” thing on the keyboard without losing your place.

The trick is all in the Scroll Lock key.

If you turn the Scroll Lock on, the arrows begin to behave differently in MS Excel. (My Scroll Lock key was located next to my Print Screen key, above the Insert, Home and Page Up keys).

You might try this and notice that with Scroll Lock on, the arrows change what you’re looking at, but don’t move the cell selection. In addition, I found that the Page Up and Page Down buttons also let me move away from the selected cell.

In other words, Scroll Lock allowed me to “take a peek” without using the mouse or losing my place in the worksheet.

Yeah! 🙂

~ April