About Big Numbers

This is a fun numbers site where you can learn all about big numbers. Big numbers have two names, one British and one American. This site uses the American version. To learn all about what big numbers are, click the About Big Numbers link near the bottom of the page.

To view the big numbers, click the numbers on either side of the page. This will take you to a section devoted to the number you chose. The information will load in the middle of the page. That’s the beauty of frames.

You will learn a lot about the number you chose. Some of it made sense to me, some of it didn’t. I’m not the brightest mathematical mind in the world. Okay, but the great thing is, if you scroll down the page, the Size of the Earth, Number of Species and DNA are explained, as well as, how they apply to the number.

An example of a big number is:

10 to the third power is 1,000.

You then get information on how many 1,000s makes up the average income in America, like the cost of a luxury car, etc. These examples change depending on the number you are looking at. But, with any of the information that is provided, if you click on “prove it,” it will bring up facts or proof that the information is correct.

It’s pretty neat! Well, are you ready to dive into the world of big numbers? Go for it!


~ Amanda