A lot of times I find myself looking for my calculator and forgetting that there’s a perfectly good one right on my PC already!

It’s practically impossible to lose this one!. Just go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and choose Calculator, or just type in “calc” into your search bar in Windows Vista and choose it above. A little calc will pop up and you just use your mouse to punch in the numbers that you need.

This calculator has quite a few of the functions of a dekstop version. The plus (+), minus (-), multiply (x), division (/) and percent (%) signs are off to the right and it even has a fraction (1/x) and squareroot (sqrt) button in case you need those. There’s also a Backspace button for when you accidentally type in the wrong thing. You can even use your number pad, if clicking about with the mouse doesn’t suit you!

By clicking the View menu, you can switch it over to a scientific calculator if you have more advanced number crunching to do. That one comes with a bunch of other features as well, all located under the View menu. If you need any Help working the calculator, just go to the Help menu and check out the Help Topics. It’s just a really easy way to use a calculator when you’re doing your online banking, etc.

It all adds up!