Adventures Beyond the Decimal

Are you ready to travel beyond the decimal and explore micro worlds and nano worlds? I know I was excited and curious and I think you will be too.

To get started, choose English, unless you read German fluently! This opens a new window that allows you to begin your journey beyond the decimal. This site is a completely interactive jewel.

What’s a nano journey? You are right to ask. Why don’t we find out? Once you’ve chosen your language, click the suitcase icon to begin or the info icon (this is an “i” inside a circle) to get more information. The other icons on this bar will lead you to free e-cards, links and contact information.

When you choose the suitcase to “check in,” it takes you to the starting point for your many nano journeys. Once it loads, you’ll notice several areas of interest right away. They are animated white lines in a box or circle shape. Click on one to see what happens. I chose the circle one on the ground. It popped up my travel guide and gave me some information on this spot and some further details on how to use the site. Now, pick a flashing rectangle area and really start traveling.

When you click on a flashing rectangle, it will zoom in on that area and then you will have more areas of interest to choose from. Navigate these areas and learn all about the place you’ve chosen to explore. Click the flashing rectangle to zoom in even further and get deeper and deeper into your nano journey.

This site is really neat, but I don’t want to ruin all the exploration for you, so I’ll leave it at that. Go explore!

~ Amanda