We have done a longer, more advanced tip on Quick Launch before, but I’ve been getting some e-mails from people asking just how to get icons down in their bottom toolbar, so I thought I would cover that again real quick.

The space where the icons sit in the bottom left side of your desktop (right next to the Start button) is called the Quick Launch Toolbar. You can put an icon there for any program that you go to regularly, so it will open much quicker. Otherwise, you have to go to your Start menu and search through all of your Programs or find where it’s located on your desktop.

Sometimes that can take much longer than you would like, so putting an icon right at the bottom of your screen helps you to find the program much quicker and the quick launch makes it easier to get going on your daily computer activities.

To put a new icon in your toolbar, find the program in your Start menu or on your desktop and just simply drag and drop it into the quick launch area. Once you do that, a new icon will automatically be created for quicker access.

To get rid of an icon, just right click on it and select Delete and then Yes. Sounds easy enough, right? : )

~ Erin