I just recently signed up for Gmail. Do you know any tips or tricks that I can use with my new account?

Gmail is becoming more popular every day with their unique ways of handling e-mail. You must have a Google account to sign up for Gmail, but by doing that, they are eliminating the excess spam mail that is passing through the e-mail waves these days.

If you use Gmail, you may be interested in knowing how to organize and categorize your e-mail messages with labels. Gmail uses labels instead of folders, but they are very similar. Other e-mail providers use folders, because that is the common default, but using labels is just another reason why Gmail is unique and is something different to try.

So, once you have a label created, you can open it up (just like you would a folder) to see all of the messages that you have put in it. But, the difference is that you can put one e-mail message into any number of labels. Sounds cool, huh?

Let’s say you have a label titled “Work E-mail” and you have one called “Things To Do.” If a certain e-mail pertains to both things, you can put the exact same e-mail into both of those labels. For example, when you’re going through your e-mail, you can check under all of your labels and remember the things you need to get done for work. It’s like having two reminders right there in your e-mail for you.

To create a label in your Gmail account, go to Settings from the navigation bar and choose Labels. Type in the name you want your label to be under the Create a new label area and then click on Create. Poof, a new label is created for your specific needs.

Now, to open a label, make sure the labels box, which is located in the left column of your Gmail page, is shown and just click on the label you want to look at. To put a new e-mail into a certain label, check or open the message you want to transfer, click on the More Actions pull down menu and then choose your desired label under the Apply Label section. Your message will automatically be put into that label and then you can do the same thing if you want to put that message into another label.

Pretty cool, huh? You better go start labeling!

~ Erin