Two Days In Two Columns

Do you use MS Outlook’s calendar feature?

When using the month calendar, have you ever noticed that Saturday and Sunday are compressed into a single column? This little space saving technique gives you half the space for weekend appointments. Sometimes it’s an okay thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing.

Does it annoy you? Would it suit your needs more to have those days in separate columns like a normal calendar?

If you’re thinking that this sounds like a good idea, you’re in luck, because with a couple of quick clicks, you can make that calendar just the way you want it.

Obviously, to make such a change, you’ll need MS Outlook open to the calendar feature.

Now right click on the calendar.

From the menu that opens, select “Other Settings.

When the Format Day/Week/Month View window opens, you’re looking for the Month section.

It’s here that you should uncheck the “Compress weekend days” option and click OK.

And that’s it. The next time you look at the monthly view of your calendar, you should have separate columns for Saturday and Sunday per your request.

~ April